Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Every Day

No matter who is the champion of whatever sport we happen to be following, we know that there are some important characteristics of teams (and individuals) that win:

  • They are talented
  • They are well trained
  • They are unified in their objectives
  • They are focused on achieving the goal
Can we say that about the teams we work with? 
  • Do we have the right people in the right places?
  • Is marketing getting the word out and presenting our products and services in the proper way? 
  • Does sales handle the "play" properly and, as Lou Imbriano would say, "Win the customer"
  • Is our service and support team ready to "defend" our gains by keeping customers happy and making sure they remain customers? 
  • Is our production or professional services team ready to fulfill the promises made by our advertising and sales? 
  • Do we have the right coaches in place for each of the specialty teams we field?

In almost every sport, coaches stay on the sidelines, or in the dugout, or behind the tee, or overlooking the tennis court. They are almost never active players (although there ave been some exceptions). Are you a manager? Do you also find yourself on the team you are trying to manage? Is the workload so intense that you must be counted as one of the players? Consider what you might be losing in terms of perspective and strategic view.

Sometimes, even in the most intense of competitions, there are time outs. Do you need to call one and assess how your organization is working together as a team? 

Give it some thought.

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